Proven Data

Proven Data


Proven Data is a global company providing a range of IT services including data recovery, data & cyber security, digital forensics, and incident & ransomware response. With over 20+ years of professional experience, we are the trusted service provider for major insurance companies, commercial banks, law firms, and Fortune 500 businesses. Our goal is to reduce the associated risks and costs of data breaches, cyber incidents, and data loss for insurance companies and their clients. We achieve these goals by offering highly skilled experts across specialized fields, unparalleled service, rapid response, and key risk data analytic metrics.

We are excited to be part of the Emerging Risks & Innovation Summit to help shine light on new frontiers of threats facing technology and business. We look forward to bringing a fresh and engaging perspective to the Summit in New York City and to raise awareness to help mitigate risk. We will see you soon!

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